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What is a PC box?
A PC box is used to pack and safely transport a complete PC including keyboard, tower, monitor etc. For additional protection of your PC, the box can be padded with foam material. Size: 1,040x640x670 (LxWxH)
What are removal labels needed for?
For business clients 

The removal labels can be affixed to crates and furniture, and enable the removal team to assign your removal goods by means of the note of the room number. Please ensure that you do not stick the removal labels directly on furniture or mirror surfaces, as the adhesive may not come off entirely or may damage the surface.

For private clients 

The removal labels can be affixed to crates and furniture and enable the removal team to assign your removal goods in your new flat: Where must which cabinet be placed ? Which boxes belong into the bathroom and which ones belong into the bedroom ? Please ensure that you do not stick the removal labels directly on furniture or mirror surfaces, as the adhesive may not come off entirely or may damage the surface.
Size of removal boxes for moving, fill level and weight limit?
The dimensions of our removal boxes are 600x360x340 and together with the contents, must not weigh more than 30 kilos. The boxes must always be filled completely, as boxes that are only half-filled are squashed when stacked. The best way is to fill the bottom part of the box with something heavy (e.g. books) and fill up the rest with light objects (e.g. bedding or towels). This way, the boxes can be stacked in the removal van without any problems.
What is the best way to pack glasses or dishes?
The safest and cleanest way to wrap your glasses and your dishes is with tissue wrapping paper. This can be obtained from us on request. Alternatively, you can also use newspaper. Of course, you can also book the packing service with us.
Do drawers have to be emptied?
Usually, you do not need to empty your drawers. Unless they are particularly heavy, as is the case with cutlery drawer for example.
How do I pack TVs or music boxes without their original packaging?
You do not need to pack your TV sets and music boxes yourself. We do this for you. On the removal day, our removal men will bring special TV boxes for TV sets up to 70 inches.
How do I pack large plants?
In most cases, plants are damaged by packaging. For this reason, they are carefully loaded up into the furniture van by us at the end and unloaded again first. Small plants and pots can be placed into an open removal box.
By when must the removal boxes used for moving be returned?
We do not specify a period for this. When the client has unpacked everything, we pick up the packaging. It does not matter whether this takes 3 days or 4 weeks.
Do I have to tip the removal team and provide lunch or drinks for them?
No, this is not necessary. This would be voluntary. Our members of staff do not expect anything; however, they would welcome water and sandwiches or similar.
Who connects the washing machine, the cooker and lamps?
Hagmann Umzüge offers full service for kitchens and furniture. This includes the dismantling and assembly of your kitchen and furniture, the fitting of the new worktop including cut sections as well as the connection of dishwasher, cooker and lamps.
How do I wrap wine bottles?
For wrapping wine bottles, we are happy to provide you with corrugated cardboard for bottles, so that they can be safely placed into the boxes and transported.
Is it permitted to mark the boxes?
Yes, absolutely! For this purpose, there are special areas on the boxes.
Do the boxes become property of the client after the move?
No, the boxes are ordinarily rented. This means that each client pays a rental fee for the boxes.
How many days prior to the move date can I receive the packaging?
There is no time period. The client can choose the time as desired.
What is an external lift?
We use an external lift to move furniture or heavy objects via the balcony or through the window of flats that are located at a height or difficult to access.
What is a clothes box?
The hanging clothes can be moved from the wardrobe into a clothes box one by one, before the wardrobe is dismantled. A clothes box is large enough for the clothes hanging in the wardrobe. A 4-door wardrobe therefore corresponds to 4 clothes boxes.
Who arranges a no-parking zone?
We apply for permits at the town council (whether Ulm, Hamburg or Vöhringen) and set up the necessary signs.
What is the process for an international move?
Our experience shows: Every move is individual and must be planned on a case-by-case basis. We are happy to advise you personally on the individual steps. Please contact us.
Why are the amount and the volume of the removal goods an important piece of information for Hagmann Umzüge?
This information is important for planning of your move. We have to calculate, which vehicle we use and how much time the move will take.
Is it necessary or mandatory to take out a transport or removal insurance?
Our service also includes the opportunity to take out insurance for your transport or move. The cost is calculated using the value of the removal goods x 2.5 ‰, for example: 40,000.00 € x 2.5 ‰ = 100.00 €. An insurance policy is entirely voluntary, however, we would recommend such policy for particularly valuable removal goods.
What do the storage containers look like? What sizes are available? What cannot be stored?
Hagmann Umzüge offers containers in the following sizes (LxWxH):


Container cell: 189x229x237 cm = approx. 10 m³
10 foot container: 283x234x237 cm = approx. 15 m³
20 foot high cube container:   589x234x260 cm = approx. 35 m³

You can find detailed information on objects that cannot be stored in our General Terms and Condition of Storage. These include mainly flammable or explosive goods, weapons, drugs, perishable goods and live animals.

Are the premises protected by video surveillance? Are they enclosed by a fence?
Yes, our premises are video-monitored as well as fenced in.