Private clients 

Hagmann Umzüge.

We move – and store your property. 

Containers/special containers

Secured with a lock, enclosed, video–monitored – we are talking about containers, which you can hire for an unlimited period of time. Whether for short–term or long–term housing of furniture and clothing or the storage of files for years: Our containers are the ideal solution for private and business clients. Thereby Hagmann Umzüge offers you the choice between special containers, frost–proof warehouse facilities and an open space.

Our containers are in the open, however, upon request they can also be placed into a hall protected from frost. During the business hours of our removal company you have full access to your stored objects. In addition, it is also possible to take out a storage insurance.

What cannot be stored:
  • objects of unusually high value such as precious metals, jewellery, precious stones, cash, stamps, coins, securities of every description
  • objects, which are exposed to rapid spoiling or decay
  • objects which, such as food, are prone to attract vermin
  • live animals
  • easily flammable materials and substances, weapons, explosives, ammunition or other explosive substances of any kind
  • drugs, narcotics, chemicals and radioactive materials, toxic waste, pressurised gases, hazardous waste of any kind or other dangerous materials
  • materials, which may have adverse effects on third parties due to emissions
Individual circumstances require the storage of furnishing or other objects: the renovation of the flat, insufficient space, the forthcoming trip around the world, the semester abroad in Japan.

Hagmann Umzüge has individual solutions. Whether you no longer have sufficient space, have clear out a house or need to temporarily store your furniture and belongings for other reasons – our furniture warehouse is the ideal storage for private individuals.

What Hagmann Umzüge can do for you:
  • own, protected store room only for you
  • simple, long-term storage
  • access during our business hours

With self–storage, everything is taken care of by Hagmann Umzüge.

File storage
Numbered, inventoried, packed in removal boxes, locked in containers: This is how safe your files are stored by Hagmann Umzüge - up to ten years or longer. In addition, upon your request, we will also arrange the destruction of your files in accordance with the legally applicable data protection provisions. For the file storage, our removal company offers you the choice between special containers, heated or unheated warehouses, a fully automated container warehouse and an open space.

What Hagmann Umzüge can do for you:
  • storage insurance can be arranged
  • free choice: own access to your files or your files can be handed out by Hagmann Umzüge
  • no upper limit in relation to the number of files stored
  • destruction of files in accordance with data protection provisions by certified third-party company

Which preparations can be made for the storage of your files:

  • the labelling of the packaged files to catalogue the storage location


Contact us now: Arrange a free appointment – also at short notice. We advise you on–site and prepare an individual offer, matching your requirements.

You can contact us by telephone +49 (731) 9 46 10 - 0 or by completing our contact form.