Private removals 

Hagmann Umzüge.

We move – all–round carefree seniors.

Strange surroundings, an unknown infrastructure, new social contacts – a move can be an emotional and organisational challenge.
For elderly people this is also a physical challenge. To this end, the planning and implementation of a move as well as the handling of all necessary formalities can often be an elaborate and stressful matter.

A move does, however, not only have to mean farewell, exertion and adjustments. A move can also present the beginning of a beautiful, new chapter in one's life and the opportunity to unexpected options. A move can be the feeling to arrive home.

This is exactly what Hagmann Umzüge wishes for you. With our offer for seniors, our experienced and confident removal men take all worries of moving away from you and give you a good feeling.

The services provided by our removal service for seniors are comprehensive and can be tailored to your individual requirements at any time.

What Hagmann Umzüge can do for you:
  • free and personal advice on–site
  • measurement of your new flat and preparation of a lay–out plan
  • drafting of a list of removal goods
  • provision of all required packaging materials
  • professional packing and unpacking of your removal goods
  • dismantling and assembly of your furniture and home accessories, e.g. curtain rails
  • painting work in the old and the new flat
  • electrical work, e.g. installation of light fixtures and electrical appliances
  • carpentry work to adapt your furniture and your kitchen to the new rooms
  • interior decorator for floor coverings and curtains
  • cleaning work in the old and the new flat
  • professional disposal of worn–out furnishings as well as bulky items and hazardous waste
  • completion and handling of administrative issues

Together with us, look forward to moving to your new home!

Contact us now: Arrange a free appointment – also at short notice. We advise you on–site and prepare an individual offer, matching your requirements.

You can contact us by telephone +49 (731) 9 46 10 - 0 or by completing our contact form.